Mitch Seavey wins the “Last Great Race”

Mitch Seavey became the oldest musher to win the “Last Great Race.” Seavey is 53
years old. Jeff King held the oldest winning musher mark previously, winning in the
year 2006 at age 50. Mitch’s team led by Tanner crossed the finish line at 10:39 pm local
time after 9 days 7 ½ hours of running. The win makes it a repeat for the Seavey family,
Mitch’s son Dallas won last year as the race’s youngest champ. This years’s race was
a close one, Ally Zirkle was just 24 minutes behind to finish second. After finishing,
both mushers immediately praised, petted, and tended to their dogs. There are 26 (or 27
depending on the route) check points where the dogs are checked by veterinarians. Each
team must take one 24 hour mandatory rest, and two 8 hours rest breaks. Ally credited
Mitch’s strategy for resting his dogs as a major factor in his win. Four time winner
Lance Mackey led about half way through the race but later fell back. Mackey, a cancer
survivor, and true character, was followed by a film crew in this year’s race. That should
be an interesting documentary when it shows.

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