Rabies in Larimer County

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Four cases of Rabies have been discovered this week in Larimer County. According to a Larimer County Health Advisory, these cases bring the number to five for 2013, four skunks and one raccoon.  “Terrestrial” or land animal Rabies was first reported last May in our area and appears to be here to stay. Anyone seeing an animal that is acting strangely, especially a skunk, raccoon, or bat should keep a safe distance and call Larimer County Animal Control (970)226-3647. Please protect your pets by keeping their Rabies vaccination up to date.  Rabies is caused by a virus that is usually spread through the saliva of an infected animal. Although human cases are rare in the US, upwards of 50,000 people worldwide die annually from Rabies. Once transmitted, the virus travels up the peripheral nerves to the central nervous system and then to the salivary glands. Infected animals may behave erratically, sometimes becoming more aggressive or biting unexpectedly. Once the virus reaches the central nervous system, treatment has a very low success rate. Prevention is the key: avoidance of abnormally behaving animals, and vaccination of pets. For more information: http://larimer.org/health or call Raintree Animal Hospital (970)482-1987.    Howard T. Robinson DVM


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