What’s your favorite dog story?

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Dr. Robinson

What is the greatest dog story or movie of all time? Most often a book is far better than a movie and of course good books often are made into movies. For me, Where the Red Fern Grows is one of the best. Old Yeller is up there on the list too although (spoiler alert!) these both have sad elements. Recently, Marley and Me has been popular. Dog lovers looking for a good movie might go back a few years for My Dog Skip.  Lassie Come Home, made in 1943, may be my all time favorite, especially living with my own Collie, Cassie (my children wouldn’t agree to the name Lassie). Who doesn’t tear up a little when Lassie limps up to Joe’s school and Joe sees her? There are some great adventure stories, for instance, Iron Will, White Fang, and Incredible Journey. For comedy Homeward Bound, the remake of Incredible Journey, is a good one, or the unique Milo and Otis.  There are some classic cartoon dog movies too; Lady and the Tramp and 101 Dalmatians come to mind although I prefer real dog stories myself. What is your favorite dog story? Please let me know.     Howard T. Robinson, DVM

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  1. My favorite is Hachi, the story of the faithful Akita. The movie took some poetic license from the true story, but it is still a great one.

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