Golden Retrievers

We love Golden Retrievers at Raintree Animal Hospital!

For 2013 the AKC reported that Golden Retrievers are the 3rd most popular pure dog breed. Their popularity comes with good reason. Goldens are extremely good- natured and because they have been bred to work closely alongside a hunter, they love to be close to their human, preferable in direct contact. The Golden’s origin lies in Scotland in the mid 1700s. As firearms became more accurate, birds could be hunted at a greater distance and a dog was needed to retrieve them. Refinements led to the ultimate hunting dog, powerful and highly trainable. The Golden Retriever was recognized by the Kennel Club of England in 1902 and the AKC in 1925. Golden Retrievers are an excellent choice for families with children and active adults due to their friendly temperament and high exercise requirement. One health concern is that they are somewhat disposed to cancer as they get older. Colorado State University is currently conducting a long term study of Golden retrievers, looking at health over their entire lifetime. The study will help find useful information about the incidence of cancer and other diseases and possible contributing factors. For more information, contact Raintree Animal Hospital or Colorado State University.